Apple Mac - artney.

Originally trained in graphic art at a time when the only Apples you could buy were locally grown and sold in pounds and ounces!, or were made from black vinyl and usually featured Paul Mcartney on vocals.

State Of The Art Design Tools Circa 1976!

Back then we too had cutting edge technology such as Letraset and Cow Gum, anyone here remember those?
And amazing tools like Rotring pens and French curves.

I originally worked in the printing industry for several years and we would doodle away in our state of the art Litho studio, with its A3 Agfa Camera and developing trays, producing all manner of four colour separation artwork whilst listening to the ancient Letterpress machines thundering away two floors down and

Lets Do The Time Warp Again

wondering if and when the management would eventually see the light and revert totally to Litho printing, alas I never did see that day as, against everyones wishes, I gave up my position in the studio for a dusty, smelly 8 foot square shed in a boatbuilding yard and thus began a 25 year sojourn, designing, building and generally mucking about with offshore raceboats and production sportsboats. I kept my interest in graphics throughout those years and taught myself to drive Adobe Creative Suites and so on but, unfortunately on PC not Macs.

I have, at last, now got the boating thing out of my system and am aiming to get back into the graphics business once again, just not sure how yet!
Anyone out there need an old hippy with a PC who still rates a Lime Green
(or L13 Pistachio to be pedantic) Lamborghini Muira as one of the most iconic cars of all time!

Pistachio With Envy


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