Photographic Assignment Editorial – Part 6

Double Page Spread Infill Images

This is a series of 3 images that are superimposed over the right hand edge of the main image.

Image 1 – Berries & Balls was shot in the studio using 2 Red Head continuous tungsten lights both set some distance back from the left and right of the subject at approx 45 degree angles both with their barn doors closed down in an attempt to create just a small but bright light source to add a “sparkle” and small highlights to the  highly reflective items in the composition, my main aim was to get a colourful, high contrast image by setting the lighting almost at the same level as the subject. My main difficulty was getting the right amount of light on the left to fill in the petals on the stainless steel flower without blowing it out, and despite trying I didnt manage to light this as well as I would have liked, in retrospect I think a large softbox brought closer to that side might well have been a solution as the diffused light might have lifted the shadows without burning out the highlights, more to experiment with there. Despite this I really liked the way the side lighting was refracted by the fluid filled spheres and created their own little pools of brightness and shadow against which the bright red berries stand out well – maybe the flower was an item too far but I knew it would create a lighting problem which is why I included it.







Image 2 – The Coconut Shoot  another “movement” shot. However this ended up as two seperate sessions at home, the first attempt was carried out at the same time as my page one Wine & Rose shoot however I was never really satisfied with the lighting on this attempt, the problem seemed to be I either got good lighting but missed the movement or caught the movement but was underexposed! Using a single flash, and dropping desicated coconut flakes is obviously a job that requires better timing or possibly two people I guess, or maybe a better photographer or more practice.






 Not one to admit defeat I had a second attempt at this image, I was determined to get a better image so, reasoning more diffused ambient light was required I cut open the coconut to reveal the inner white flesh – this reduced the amount of darkness in the main image hence permitting a faster shutter speed at any given aperature, thereby increasing the chance of capturing the movement! And this was the result, I think you`ll agree a much better outcome than the 1st attempt.








Image 3 – Red Chillies Pickled chillies in a jar simply lit by daylight from behind in an attempt to get a warm, Christmas style feeling to the picture. Not entirely convinced it works, the problem I had was if lit from in front or the side the hand made glass of the bottle threw wild highlights all over the place so in the end I settled for just a matt finished white reflector held above and forward of the jar which gave a flat even distribution across the front face, so you cannot see the glass, but I feel it needs more light.


About Steve

Originally trained in graphic art at a time when the only apples you could buy were locally grown and sold in pounds and ounces!, or were made from black vinyl and usually featured Paul Mcartney on vocals. Back then we too had cutting edge technology such as Lettraset and Cow Gum, anyone here remember those? And amazing tools like Rotring pens and French curves. I originally worked in the printing industry for several years and we would doodle away in our state of the art Litho studio producing all manner of four colour separation artwork whilst listening to the still operating Letterpress machines thumping away two floors down and wondering if and when the management would eventually see the light and revert totally to Litho printing, alas I never did see that day as, against everyones wishes, I gave up my position in the studio for a dusty, smelly 8 foot square shed in a boatbuilding yard and thus began a 25 year sojourn, designing, building and generally mucking about with offshore raceboats and production sportsboats. I kept my interest in graphics throughout those years and taught myself to drive adobe creative suites and so on but, unfortunately on PC not Macs. I have now got the boating thing out of my system and am aiming to get back into the graphics business once again, just not sure how yet!
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