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My Photography Blog – And So It Begins!

They say you can`t teach an old dog new tricks so ever one to fly in the face of adversity here`s my attempt to disprove that proverb, as I am a bit of a dog and definately old but I love new tricks so here goes.

Why I Am Here

I have finally given in to forces beyond my control, mainly the prompting of that darling of the fashionista`s and Creator of that amazing new high street brand Trashion”, known to some as Snappycat”, (you know who you are Sarah) I am attempting to log the ongoing adventures of our Level 3 BTec photography training course.


Why is it called ‘after dark’ when it really should be ‘after light’?

 Now where`s my Valium.


If you need to ask what this symbol represents then you need to click on it and listen.
If you know what it is then you are probably                 listening anyway!


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